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Spotting celebrities in shocking places


Many people don’t understand that celebrities are just like you and me. They go to the shops, they go to the bar and they sometimes just go for a walk. They don’t spend their lives locked up in a cage, they do actually go out and enjoy themselves. Despite knowing that, it’s still weird to see them out in public in places you wouldn’t expect to see them. We’ve compiled a list of some of the strangest places that celebrities have been spotted. Take a look. You never know, you might get to see them next time. 

Ben Affleck at the casino

This is one that’s happened quite a few times. It’s not that well known, but Ben Affleck actually loves playing at casinos. He’s a big fan of both blackjack and poker. It’s even possible that he has used a Betway sign up to start playing at online casinos too, he’s that much of a fan. What people don’t know about Affleck though is that he doesn’t just enjoy playing these games, he’s really good at them too. 

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It’s even got to the point where Ben has been asked to leave casinos because he’s just so good at the games. Imagine the shock on your face if you walked into a casino just to see Ben Affleck being asked to leave! Maybe if you visit often enough, you could even share a blackjack table with Ben, that would definitely be a dream. 

Tom Hanks at a wedding

For Elisabeth and Ryan, the beautiful pictures of their wedding really capped off what had been a dream day. Little did they know it was about to become even better. As they were having their pictures as a couple taken in Central Park, a man was jogging nearby. As he got closer, he took off his cap and introduced himself. 

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“Hello. I’m Tom Hanks.”

The couple were starstruck and asked the movie megastar to pose for some pictures. He was happy to do so and even shared the photos on his social media feeds. It just goes to show that Tom Hanks isn’t just a nice guy in his movies. It also lets people know that he takes his exercise in Central Park. So, if you want to have an opportunity to meet Tom Hanks, then perhaps that’s somewhere you should take a jog if you ever get the chance. 

In supermarkets

This one covers a whole host of different celebrities. There are such a large number of people who have met celebs while in a supermarket that it would be impossible to name just one. Katy Perry, John Mayer and Bryan Cranston are just some of the stars that people have bumped into while doing their shopping.

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Of course, the selfies that follow are perfect for grabbing some extra likes on social media, but it’s surely the experience of meeting these famous people that really provides the fun for people. Just think, next time you are in the fruit aisle, you might be seconds away from meeting Tom Cruise.


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