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Tega Bbnaija Biography, Net Worth Cars, And House


Tega Bbnaija Profile

Tega Bbnaija Profile

Tega Bbnaija Biography

Tega Offiong Dominic-Ajeboh, also known as Tega, is a Nigerian business owner who is 29 years old.
She is a housemate on Africa’s biggest reality TV show, Big Brother Naija 2021, in the Shine Ya Eye season 6 2021 version (BBNaija 2021).
Tega has a distinct personality, referring to her ability to be both ice and fire at the same time.
SLEEKGIST gathered that Tega BBNaija was born and raised in the Nigerian state of Cross River.
She’s bringing her A-game to the Big Brother Naija house in the hopes of winning the massive prize pool of 90 million NGN.

Tega Bbnaija Education

Many details aren’t known yet about Tega BBNaija’s primary and secondary school education. However, she is a graduate of Theatre Arts which she studied at the University of Calabar.

Tega Bbnaija Career

Tega Bbnaija Career

Tega BBNaija came into the spotlight zone where she was announced as one of the female housemates in the 2021 BBNaija Season 6 tagged Shina Ya Eye.

Tega BBNaija is an actress, a makeup artist, and a businesswoman. She is also a reality TV Star. She has her own business line which fetches her lots of money. She is also a woman with a passion for fashion and design.

Tega BBNaija keeps a small circle of friends. Her “small circle of friends” describes her as easy-going and a great cook. However, Tega BBNaija considers that opinion controversial. She speaks of herself as outgoing, enthusiastic, and passionate about the things she loves

Personal Facts You Must Know About Tega Bbnaija

Personal Facts You Must Know About Tega Bbnaija
Tega Bbnaija Child and husband

  1. Tega BBNaija has described herself as a cool and hot-headed girl.
  2. Being someone who has both ice and fire personality, Tega BBNaija says she knows how to strike the fire when the right time comes.
  3. Smart and Cool-headed Tega BBNaija said she knows how to balance people’s attitudes through her understanding.
  4. Tega BBNaija describes herself as “an everybody’s person” and does not need to form clicks by herself as the click will form itself for her.
  5. According to Tega BBNaija, she only gets along with people who are open and jovial.
  6. Tega BBNaija is smart enough to know how to stay clear of trouble. She said she is very sensitive and tends to know when to speak with people and when not to, which helps her avoid trouble.
  7. Speaking about hobbies, Tega BBNaija is a party type that loves dancing, travelling, photography and swimming.
  8. Tega is always willing to learn and tries to look at difficult situations as an avenue to learn and grow.
  9. She likes being the life of the party.

Tega Bbnaija And The Big Brother Naija Show

Being a married woman, Tegq BBNaija has revealed that she won’t fight over a guy at the BBNaija house. She says she knows how to blend, and so she relates easily with guys. She has described herself as a blender and a preacher of love, hence, as much as she can, she won’t be involved in fights in the Big Brother Naija house.

Tega BBNaija has confessed that she likes to show herself and thus will like to showcase herself during the Big Brother Naija show. According to her, it caught her unawares when she was chosen to be amongst the housemates. She had little time to prepare herself sufficiently enough. Notwithstanding, the big question is, will her little preparation get in the way of her winning the reality TV show? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Tega Bbnaija Relationship

Tega Bbnaija and husband
Tega Bbnaija and husband

Tega BBNaija is the only female housemate in the house who is married. She is married to http://elkaesthetic.com/?p=671 Ajeboh Krislawrence.

Motherhood was one of the favorite things that happened to Tega BBNaija. She says it has changed her perspective a lot and makes her look forward to all the things life will bring her way.

Tega Bbnaija Net Worth

Tega BBNaija has a thriving business that fetches her enough money to pay her bills and spare too. However, her net worth is yet to be estimated.

Tega Bbnaija Cars

Tega Bbnaija Cars
Tega Bbnaija Cars

Vibrant and smart Tega BBNaija has different pictures where she snapped near cars of exotic quality. Though no personal cars of hers are publicly known, Tega BBNaija would be a lover of car brands like Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Lamborghini and many more.

Tega Bbnaija House.

Tega BBNaija lives with her husband and her cute son.

Tega Bbnaija Social Media

Tega BBNaija is active on social media. In case, you are a big fan of hers, you can follow her on any of any of these social media handles;

Below are the official usernames of Tega on various social media platforms

  • Instagram: @its_tegadominic
  • Twitter: @its_tegadominic
  • Facebook: Tega Dominic
  • TikTok: Tegakris

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