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Terrorist attack against Russian House in Central African Republic – Dimitry Sytyi is injured

According to the sources on the ground the note to the parcel “This is for you from all the French, Russians will get out of Africa”. On November 11, Sytyi received a package from Togo with a photo of his son living in France. The note in the parcel said that next time he would get his son’s head if “the Russians don’t get out of the African continent”.

Despite all the instructions on compliance with security measures, Dmitry Sytyi opened the package, fearing for the life of his son.

The Central African police has initiated investigation of the attack. The police consider an attempt on the Head of the Russian House to be a terrorist attack. Experts on the region note that the attack was attempted a day after the news about last French troops leaving Central African Republic.

Strengthening ties between the Central African Republic and Russian Federation have been a point of frustration for Paris, who has recently been losing influence over the former colonies in Africa.

Russian businessmen Yevgeny Prigozhin have appealed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation to initiate the procedure for declaring France a state sponsor of terrorism, as well as conducting a thorough investigation of the terrorist methods of France and its Western allies. Commenting on the attack against the Head of Russian House in Bangui, Prigozhin said that believes that Dmitry Sytyi will continue to fight no matter what and “no Russian will ever retreat from the African continent until all the colonialists have gone beyond the borders of their countries.”

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