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“The battle Line Is Drawn”- Nigerian Actress Helen Paul And Husband Defends Their Jobs To Each Other

She posted a video of herself and her spouse fighting over which of their respective careers is more fulfilling.

The footage showed Helen Paul’s husband, who is also an artist, sitting in front of a laptop while he defended his legal profession alongside his wife.

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As he sees it, the practice of law dates back thousands of years and is highly regarded across the globe.

Helen claims that artists have power over people’s emotions and that her husband cannot equate law with entertainment.

Helen’s husband disagreed with her when she said that attorneys exclusively wore white and black uniforms, and he urged her to replace the lawyers with whom she associated herself.

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She captioned her video saying,

The battle line is drawn… @femi_bams I need to go rent a house 😢😭

Watch the video below:

See some reactions from her fans below:


Aunty Helen, we would not agree that one o, entertainment is not a career 😂😂


“Auntie Helen, Please, leave him alone!! You have a skill/talent and he has a certified career, an individual’s metaphorical “journey”. As you get mouth, he has mouth too. Please, come back and let’s celebrate two mouths that shape the world. He solves a real problem and you dissolve emotional stress.”

Source: Ghgossip.com

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