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The NDC has confirmed that it’s a violent party – Owusu Bempah

According to Mr Owusu Bempah, a political party like the NDC is using gunshots, blocks, sticks, insults among others to cause violence that disturbs the peace of the country.

“They are destroying the peace of this country,” he said in an iterview with, indicating that violence is a norm for them and their hobby.

He said every Ghanaian have now seen how violent the NDC is and can be, as such they shouldn’t be vote for to comeback to power again.

“Just internal elections they are killing themselves and they will turn around and unleash the same violence on Ghanaians,” he added.

He said party members are demonstrating what former President John Mahama once said that when it comes to violence no party can beat the NDC to it because they come from a revolutionary background.

“That is what they went to show at their internal election,” he said.

He is therefore calling on the Peace Council, Opinion leaders and all peace stakeholders to ensure peace prevails prior to the next election in 2024.

“I know in 2024 when Ghanaians reject them they will resort to violence . . . they are not an alternative party for the people of Ghana,” he said, adding that Ghanaians should continue to have faith the ruling NPP and vote for them.

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