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Thought-provoking single, ‘Lies’, released by Dr. Pushkin


From the camp of tech trailblazer and musical genius Dr. Pushkin, comes another one for lovers of good music. Lies, his newest piece which features the talent of TeriWiizi, suits Dr. Pushkin’s style of music snugly and reminds us why his fan base is as wide as his knowledge.

Dr. Pushkin, formally known as Paul Azunre, began to make Ghana proud when he exhibited his exceptional intelligence center-stage for all to see as his team won the National Science and Maths Quiz trophy for Opoku Ware in 2002. Dr. Pushkin’s love for science did not wane but instead, the opposite is true; today, Paul Azunre is recognized as one of the leading names in Artificial Intelligence and its application to solving modern-day problems.

For Paul Azunre, both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and music fall under the umbrella of art and so keeping a balance between the two comes as no mammoth task at all. He finds that the two complements, rather than compete with each other and allow him to enrich his music by applying what he learns to his music. Making music affords Dr. Pushkin a break from the pursuits of his professional life as a scientist without taking him away from what his two loves have in common – art. He also applies his expert knowledge in AI to bend the algorithms of gatekeeping systems like Spotify and Google Search to the benefit of his musical career.

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The thought-provoking lyrics of ‘Lies’ are complimented beautifully by the talent of TeriWiizi who makes a formidable team with Dr. Pushkin on this one. The two expertly deliver their words which are carried by the full rhythm various instruments merge to form. The tempo of the song is mellow yet strident at the same time, catering to the feel of seriousness the message deserves while keeping the song a rave. Listeners will find the song not only easy on the ears and catchy but riddled with words of wisdom that are relatable to persons from all walks of life. It warns of some of the most unsavory of human traits: hypocrisy, two-timing, and deceit. Dr. Pushkin’s lyrics admonish his listeners to move so clever and see-through pretense even those fake lives projected on social media.

Two weeks after the release of this amazing single, ‘Lies’, the multi-talented Dr. Pushkin plans to release yet another piece of musical genius. This time, he collaborates with Ataman Nikita, who is his brother and Budukusu, and an artiste for whose craft Dr. Pushkin has always had respect. The trap-inspired jam, ‘Need You’ is written as an ode to friends and family – the real ones – you know the ones who check up on you and stick with you in both sunny and cloudy weather.

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One day, as the brothers Dr. Pushkin and Ataman Nikita played off each other’s creativity in a series of freestyles, this tune was born. The duo got to work co-producing the track and they realized just what the song needed to be complete – Budukusu’s magic. Last year, Atigsi Badek, a mutual friend of the two, introduced Dr. Pushkin to Budukusu. For both musicians, it was naturally only a matter of time before they collaborated on a piece; when ‘Need You’ was conceived, it was obvious the time was right.

Take the catchy trap-inspired beat, add in the hypnotic R&B and afrobeat-inspired vocals of Ataman Nikita, and then introduce line after line of lyrics laden by brilliant puns, and you have the masterpiece, ‘Need You’. The brothers did a great job with the beat and ensured it rubs shoulders with today’s standards and will have listeners hitting a dab or two. The contributing artistes also nailed the delivery of their lines, ensuring their lyrics stayed on-topic yet were rich with wordplay and wit.

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For Dr. Pushkin, the most valuable piece of advice that can be garnered from ‘Lies’ is a reminder that being made to feel or believe one is inferior is only a ruse by the oppressor to make a profit through the exploitation of others’ insecurities. Once we realize that the shackles that seem to bind us are imaginary, we can break free and soar. If listeners can take away one thing, TeriWiizi would like it to be that torrid circumstances cannot overtake one with ambition and perseverance.

Perhaps we all should take a page from Dr. Pushkin’s book and live our lives fully aware of the leeches out there and by decree that we will call it out, whatever we see. No one can speak what is on our minds better than we can, and no one can look out for you better than yourself these are the core values of this song by the brilliant Ghanaian avant-gardist.

Dr. Pushkin plans to keep his fans and the audience entertained with the release of an album dubbed ‘Outlandish’, slated for release early next year. He is currently working on the tracks to be included on the album and is excited to share them with his cherished fans and the world.


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