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Three Important Benefits Of Making Mistakes


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Right from our childhood, we are trained to avoid mistakes as much as possible. School teachers scold us for answering a question wrongly in class while our peers are forced to applaud us when we answer a question right in class.

Meanwhile, as much as success is fantastic, mistakes are also important too. Many discoveries are the result of mistakes and most of the time, without mistakes there can be no success.

Here are some importance of mistakes:

Offers New Learning Opportunities

Sometimes, due to constant success records, we become complacent and rigid in our approach to things. We fail to learn new things and ways of executing certain tasks.

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Mistakes knock us off our rigid axis, making us think outside the box once again and learning new ways.

Boosts Self Confidence and Respect

It is important we all acknowledge mistake is a general thing. Anyone can make mistake. The problem is that most of us try to deflect from admitting our mistakes and instead try to cover up by making flimsy excuses or pushing blames.

It takes confidence to accept mistakes and courage to amend it. People around us tend to respect us more for admitting our mistakes.

Inspires Creativity

Mistakes move us out of the small view of success into understanding and discovering better ways for the actualisation and fulfilment of our dreams.

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Most of us want a successful life, which means not just improving what already exists, what we are already operating out of.

Mistakes keep us nimble and creative, open to a larger picture, focused on expansion rather than perfection. They might disappoint us at the moment but ultimately remind us of the overarching design we are aiming for.

Mistakes are a part of life’s learning curves, so just make them and learn from them.




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