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Top 5 affordable gifts you can get your business partner for the holidays in 2022

Business partnerships have been the building block for some of the world’s most iconic brands. Even when one name is more prevalent than another, it is clear that the success enjoyed wouldn’t have been possible without collaboration behind the scenes.

The partnership between Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs comes to mind. This is a typical example of the power of dexterity.

With that said, the value of a hard-working, innovative, productive, and congenial partner cannot be overstated.

However, most people don’t know what to get their business partner. They are caught between buying the kind of gift that is appropriate enough as a professional gift and one that is sweet enough to seem thoughtful.

If this struggle has plagued you, coupled with the issue of buying a gift within your means, fret not, below is a list of 5 affordable gifts you can get your business partner(s) for the holiday.

A small Christmas tree: This gift is not only affordable and thoughtful, but it also embodies the spirit of the season. It is a gift that can serve either in your partner’s home or office space, and it is a reminder whenever they look at it that you’re sharing the Christmas spirit with them.

A gift card/coupon: It’s always exciting when you can get something for free or at a cheaper price, and with a season like Christmas where a lot of shopping is done, discounted deals are a delight. Similar to black-Friday sales, a coupon or gift card can help ease the financial burden of the requisite Christmas shopping.

A home appliance: You can never go wrong with a home appliance, particularly one with a cool feature you can use to rationalize buying such a mundane gift. Chances are your business partner already has all the home appliances they need, but one that is customized or comes with a cool new tech feature would still be greatly appreciated.

Book: A book, particularly one within the category you know your business partner enjoys, would most likely be very appreciated. A book is also a knowledge bank, so a book as a gift is basically, and indirectly knowledge as a gift. Also as strange as this may sound, books are still massively consumed pieces of media.

A milestone monument: Think of that one time your business partner scaled a huge milestone, put it on a plaque, frame it, or print it on a shirt, your choice, but the idea is to immortalize that achievement by stamping it onto something. This is a gift a business partner is sure to love.

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