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Traditional medicine is the new gold for Ghana – Prof Ato Duncan

Newly-elected President of the Ghana Federation of Traditional Medicine practitioners, Professor Samuel Ato Duncan, has stated that the federation is ready to support government to deal with the current economic crisis.

According to him, the traditional medicine sector is the new future for the country, indicating it can fetch the country more revenue than gold.

‘We will pursue the green gold agenda. If gold and cocoa have failed in turning the economic fortunes of the country, then we must turn to the green gold. When I say green gold, what I mean is, we have traditional medicine that we can package properly and sell for deprived exchange to benefit our country, Prof. Duncan said.

Meanwhile, he says, the herbal medicine sector can fetch the country over 30 billion Cedis in revenue every year.

‘I will help find solutions to the challenges confronting the country. This is practical, not just talking. We are ready to help redeem the crisis, Ghana is facing’

At a short ceremony to swear in new members of the association, he urged government to pay critical attention to the sector to reap the benefits.

Prof. Duncan also noted that herbal medicines in Ghana are being rebranded to ensure packaging and quality of the products meet global standard.

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