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Trinny Woodall Instagram Live Video Flashing Accidentally Viral On Twitter Reddit


The British fashion expert Trinny Woodall has become the talk of the town ever since she accidentally flashed her chest on her Instagram live. Yes, the hilarious blunder happened this week when the fashion designer was live on her account and trying on different clothes. The fans got shocked after witnessing her wardrobe malfunction. However, Trinny didn’t seem to care much about what happened as she smoothly moved away from the camera and tried on the said dress. Nevertheless, it has become the subject of discussion as the netizens are talking about it. Here’s everything we know about the incident.

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Trinny Woodall live insta

To model some new clothes. Trinny Woodall took to Instagram and went live on Wednesday, September 22, 2021. The fashion adviser would not have even imagined that what is about to happen in mere seconds. Firstly, she put on a green floral dress from Zara. Although she looked pretty, Trinny announced that she would return it as it doesn’t look as good as she had thought. She started unbuttoning the green top and while she was trying to pull it over her head, her bra slightly shifted upwards with it.


The 59-years-old quickly rushed off-screen and was heard saying that what a great bra as it came off. The fashion guru added that she could have flashed her followers. However, to her surprise, she had already shown her bare chest in front of the viewers which took them off guard. Soon, the followers started commenting that Trinny did flash her chest in the video. Within no time, the matter spread like wildfire and soon everyone was talking about it. However, the video has been deleted from her account and is no longer available there. It is coming forward that it can still be watched on Twitter.

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Thankfully, Trinny was relaxed about the unfortunate incident and took it quite positively. She stated that it was only a nipple on her post that showed that the fashion expert didn’t bother about such things. However, it’s definitely not the first time when she has faced something like that and it’s obvious that it won’t be the last either. Talking about Trinny Woodall a bit, besides being a fashion adviser, and an expert, she is also a television presenter, designer and author alongside. She is popularly known for her appearances on the popular British chat show This Morning and has almost 984,000 followers on her Instagram account.

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