Two Slay Queens Trade Blows And Nak£d Themselves Over A Man [WATCH VIDEO]

Two Slay Queens Trade Blows And Nak£d Themselves Over A Man

A trending  video that captures two beautiful slay queens fighting dirty and naked over a married man has just popped up on social media.

As time goes on, things and news we hear is someway or the other a horror and sometimes a gnashing of teeth.

  A new video sighted by  saw  two beautiful slay queens trading blows and nak€d themselves.

According to reports, the two beautiful slay queens Hannah and Juana were both dating one man (Mr. Philip) who happens to be a married man, they knew very well that Mr. Philip was sleeping with both of them.

Out of jealousy, Hannah told Mr. Philip that,  other Juana has taken tlhim to a juju man that’s why he even love her in the first place. So, Mr. Philip confronted and questioned  Juana, told her everything Hannah told him and broke up with her instantly.

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Out of pain, Juana went straight to Hannah’s house and started fighting with her.

As per our investigations, Mr. Philip’s wife is planning to divorce him as she has never been happy ever since she got married to Mr. Philip.

Watch the video below;


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