Udaariyaan Written Update 22nd October 2021: Tejo Is Held Hostage By Jass


The 22nd October 2021 episode of Udaariyaan begins where Jass makes the entire man of Tejo’s family arrest and makes all women hostage inside the house by locking the main door. Meanwhile, Fateh also reaches there and gets shocked to see the lock on the main door inwardly wonders that where they went. But he is not acquainted with Jass’s exploits that he made all ladies hostage inside the house, at the same time, Jass tries to harass Tejo by mentioning that now no one can come inside to save her from his hands, but she keeps on warning him to stay away.

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Udaariyaan Written Update 22nd October 2021: Tejo Is Held Hostage By Jass

At the same time, Fateh hears the screaming of Tejo, who is warning Jass to stay away from her otherwise she will do something inappropriate with him. Meanwhile, she picks a sharp knife and threatens him that if he takes any step so she will stab him for sure, no matters what would be the consequences of that. But Jass expresses his stubbornness by saying that he also wants to see her courage, and instigates her to do whatever she wants because he has decided to harass her hence, he takes steps towards her again.

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Meanwhile, Jass deals with Tejo by saying that if she wants to see his family member released from jail, so she will have to accept his conditions, otherwise, he will not let them release no matter what happens. Tejo asks about his condition he says that she will have to come with him to his residence because still, they are husband and wife. Because he will not let her stay with Fateh, and addresses him illegitimate man between them, Tejo wonders that how could she go with him because in her past she has faced a plant of worst circumstances, and does not ready to face them again.

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In the previous episode, as we have watched that Jass executed his conspiracy against Tejo’s entire family by bringing the police and accusing them, that they are making him separate from his wife. Meanwhile, shows all legal documents to them by saying that hitherto, they did not sign on them. So therefore no one has a right to make them separate, therefore police locked them behind the bars, even Fateh worried about them because Jass is making such circumstances that are creating obstacles for them. So watch it on Colors at 07:00 Pm and for further details stay connected with us.

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