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(Video) After I Got Burnt, My Wife Took Away My Child From Me And People Rejects Me Always Because Of This – Man Shares His Sad Story

He is called Cyrus he is 25 years old he was involved in an accident a few months ago which absolutely changed his life negatively then his family abandoned him and this entire society started neglecting him according to the way he looks.

He was born in this village and this is where he grew up, according to him, it’s like his parents did not care about him at all and he spent a lot of time on the streets watching movies, he was still young and not at all notice that by doing this he was ruining his life, he did not study for a very long time since his family was extremely poor.

He came to the streets and this is where he grew up, he had to work hard in order to get money for food and all the basic needs in life that one is supposed to have, so he started working, it was not a professional job because you could not get one and what he did as a job was to carry luggage for people, upload off-road trucks loaded with goods and the little money he got was always used to buy for him food and drink.

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According to his younger brother, he has been living a very bad life since he got involved in this accident and it was also not very fine at all because in the first place he had a lot of headaches which made him feel dizzy and always fall down, they thought that was epilepsy but they were not so sure at all because they could not take him to the hospital since they did not have money that will pay the bills so they decided to live with him the way he was which did not turn out to be so good.

After all, epilepsy is a central nervous disorder in which brain activity becomes abnormal causing periods of unusual behavior or different body parts like arms and legs sensations and sometimes loss of awareness.

He said that it was not so long after he started living alone when he fell in love with a woman who they started living together as husband and wife, though they were not at all married because they could not afford to have a wedding, they had a child together and they were very happy and shared a lot of love amongst themselves, he says that his wife knew about his disease but by then it was not as serious as it is right now.

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One day, he woke up in the morning and he felt so hungry and tried to prepare breakfast so that he could have it before he goes to work, as he was cooking he carried off the saucepan and then he was immediately attacked by headache and fell into the hot pot of charcoal which burned his face, he could not scream for help because she was unconscious, when this happened, his younger brother was on his way to visit his Big brother, he found him in the fire burning where he rushed as fast as he could to remove him but by the time he pulled him out, his face was all burned and they thought that he was not going to survive at all.

They rushed him to the hospital and the doctors were treating him but according to his younger brother, they were sent out of the hospital when she was not completely fine because they did not have money to pay for advanced treatment, this was when they went home.

Upon reaching home, his wife looked at him and was shocked. she started crying a lot and the first thing she did was to pack her bags and got their child and move out because she said that she could not live with such a man.

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It was so sad that he was going to live alone in this terrible condition so his younger brother had to move in and start living with his big brother so that he will take care of him because, with such a condition, there was absolutely no way that he was going to manage to do a lot all by himself.

Things have been very difficult for him because no one wants to get closer to him because of his looks, people sometimes warn their children never to come close to him anymore which really breaks his heart.

Anytime that his younger brother is out looking for money, he has to go out to buy food for himself because he cannot cook, but people keep on running away from him at where he is buying the food and the few who see him as normal will remain behind.

Let us watch the video below;

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