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(Video) All Those Who Comes To Me For Money Rituals Are Fools – Nana Agradaa

Nana Agradaa has been very famous for her money rituals where she advertises her gods and money rituals experience on social media and other Tv stations just to influence people to come for huge amount of money in exchange for what she demands for.

She was recently in the news where she had a beef with rev. Obofour after the Kasoa issue arose heavily in Ghana.

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Many people were pleading the government to put a ban on all individuals advertising money rituals and other short ways of getting money from being seen on our televisions and other platforms because it’s really influencing people to take the lives of other people after the Kasoa incident happened.

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Nana Agradaa came out to make some certain things clear to other people that not all money making rituals involves human blood.

Nana Agradaa

Today, with a new video spotted on our Noble Instagram page concerning Nana Agradaa saw her talking about how foolish the people who comes to her are, she made this clear to Kwaku Manu in a live interview on Kwaku Manu show.

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She made this clear in the video which will be shown below.


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