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VIDEO: Drama as man crashes posh Ferrari he rented to impress his friends


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A young Ghanaian man has found himself wanting after a luxurious car he reportedly rented from a dealership just to impress his friends ended on the wrong side of the road hours later.

Footage gaining momentum online shows a red Ferrari with its bumper and bonnet badly wrecked as if it was featured in a Fast and Furious movie chauffeured by an amateur driver.

Apparently, the driver of the Ferrari who was obviously inexperienced was taking the car for a spin only to get it crashed.

Onlookers who drew close to the scene were in dismay after ascertaining the extent of damage done to the car.

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An unidentified bystander who recorded the viral video of the severely damaged Ferrari could be heard rebuking its driver who was nowhere to be found at the time of the crash.

The voice in the video was heard quizzing how the young man was going to pay for such damage, since he did not own the car and was expected to cater for any form of damage to the car.

How will he pay for the hefty cost incurred? Lol!


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