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(Video) He Was Born Without Hands But He Lives His Life Beautifully Just Like Any Other Human Being, Meet Hamisu

Hamisu is a 40-year-old who has been living his whole life in his small village, he is from Tabula in Tanzania who was born without hands. He made it clear to everyone that he sometimes does not want his hands to carry on with some of his daily activities despite not being born with hands.

He sometimes does things that normal people with hands cannot even do, with some of the things that people with hands do like washing, weeding, cultivating, and others, he does as well.


Hamisu did not allow the fact that he has no hands to bring him down or discourages him, he went to school where he used his hands to write beautifully like a very genuine person. He was married once where there was a child involved but his wife and child left him because of his disability. So he had to stay with his mom who has always been there for him. Her mother did not take him to the school of impaired just because the fees were too higher for their standard.

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He did not intend to marry again after his wife and child left him because people used to mock him and were afraid of him because of his disability, one thing that used to break his heart a lot was how people used to call him all sorts of names so he had to hide himself sometimes in other to find peace for himself.


He then sat down and realized that he has to rise up and embrace himself to move on in life because his disability does not differentiate him from the fact that he is also a human being just like any other person, he started mingling with some of his mates and started making friends who used to like him more. He was one person who used to encourage disabled people that their disability is not an inability.

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He is blessed in everything that he does and he succeeds in anything that he engages himself in, he does not meet troubles, problems, or any obstacles in his life, he just continues to move on in life.


Hamisu is one person who is not lazy at all, sometimes does fishing, riding a boat, and carrying firewood. he does all these because of the kind of advice that his father told him before he died, his late father made it known to him that there will be no one to cater for him nor do anything for him so he should try and do everything from himself.

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Hamisu has always been a brave guy who works hard to take care of himself and his mother, he work tirelessly everyday and makes sure that he succeed in everything that he does, God has always been with him. He is able to do so many things even without having hands, he can make phone calls, carry firewood and so many things.


let us watch his story below

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