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(Video) My Family Witches Never Wanted My Wife To Give Birth So They Did This To Her After She Gave Birth – Man Shares His Sad Story

Sometimes, there are certain situations whereby people need us the most, one should not abandon his/her loved ones because of the situation where they find themselves in.

Our focus today is on a certain man who has vowed never to leave her wife behind because of the sickness stuck on her.

Let us go deep into details.

This man here is called John Baptist, he is married to a certain woman called Valentine where they have a two-month-old baby. John is a constructor.

The unfortunate thing in their life is the wife who got sick and had to stop all the household activities she used to carry on. Due to her sickness, she often loses blood always which might lead her to her early grave.

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Before her wife, Valentine, would get sick, she first got pregnant which is always a blessing in every marriage. she was with her pregnancy till the 9th month and it was time for her to give birth. but the unfortunate happened.

According to the husband, her wife woke up one early morning screaming and was calling out for help. John quickly ran to her wife’s aid and as he got there, all that she was saying that something has entered her whiles she was really shaking which was very strange.

He then sent the wife to a nearby hospital and it was time for labor. She did not take it easy to give birth at all. it took her days to deliver her baby, the husband was really worried before she will give birth, he went outside thinking and there he met a certain man who assured him the problem is coming from his home witches and wizards, he assured him that they do not want his wife to give birth and then the only way for her to give birth was to move to a very far place away from where they are because almost everyone in their village are witches and wizards.

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He took this seriously, and he prayed very hard to the Lord and very, fortunately, his wife gave birth and the baby was very strong.

But his wife’s sickness did not end there. after getting back home where her husband sold all that they had to pay for the hospital bills, she kept on bleeding which was normal for every woman after she gives birth but Valentine’s own was serious and unthinkable. she kept on losing blood and her life has always been in danger due to this but his husband has vowed never to abandon her, he is waiting for her fitness and very optimistic that she will surely get better.

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Let us watch the video below;

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