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(Video) My Husband Poured Acid On Me Just Because I Refused To Abort Our Baby – Woman Shares Her Sad Story

Today in the story is about a woman who sacrificed her life just her baby to stay alive healthy and strong.

She is called Alexa, and she has 5 children married and staying with the whole family.

According to her, she got pregnant with her last born which was not good news for her husband at all.

The husband then requested an abortion but she was so afraid to go for the abortion.

She did all that she could to convince her husband so that they can afford and welcome their new baby to join the family.

The husband had nothing in mind but the abortion plan. The wife then decided to talk to him again and it seemed like the husband was a little bit convinced because he walked away without saying anything.

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But he was having the unthinkable in mind which she never knew of. The lady came back home from work despite being pregnant just to find the money for their daily bread and after she got back home, she met surprisingly met her husband at home and was sitting quietly having something to do in mind that no one knew of.

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The lady took her shower and joined her husband in bed and they slept peacefully but the husband woke up at midnight and poured acid on the body of the woman and she felt burnt all over her body which she also woke up to defend herself, in the action, the acid displayed on the whole of their body which sent them to the hospital.

A few weeks later, the wounds of the man started healing whiles the woman was still in a coma. he realized that what he did will end him up in jail so he got up and ran away from the hospital.

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The woman woke up 2 months later and the doctors said that it will be difficult for her to give birth because of her pain. and due to that, she might end up losing her life as well so therefore, they will get rid of her baby.

The woman said no and if that, the baby should die in her womb. it was time for labor and she delivered in pain and victorious which really shocked everyone at the hospital.

let us watch the video below;

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