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(Video) She Is Called Jackeline And She Has Been Crawling On Her Belly For Years, People In Her Village Calls Her ‘The Crawling Snake’

There are so many troubles around the world that people are facing which we do not know about, do you think that you have the biggest problem on Earth? have you gone out to see what people are going through all over the world?

There is a saying that “If your house is the closest one in front, there is a different one behind yours” this means that, no matter how scary and difficult your problems are, there is someone whose own seems more scary and difficult than yours.

Today, we look at the sad story of a young girl who has been crawling on her knees for almost all her life. This girl does not talk, sit nor walk. Due to her inability to do such and how she crawls, people in her society call her the ‘the crawling snake‘ where they sometimes throw a stone at her whenever they see her.

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She goes by the name Jackeline and she is 23 years of age from a small village in East Africa.

According to her mother, she gave birth to Jackeline beautifully and happily at home just like any other was born, the time for her to sit approached but she never was able to do that. She then realized that her back is not that strong to support her to sit, Jackeline started crawling on her belly but did not show any signs of sitting nor standing when she got to 2 years of age.

She then got to 10 years of age and still, she was crawling on her belly which got everyone scared and amazed, they decided to take her to the hospital but the doctors could not see anything wrong with her so they decided to take her to a near-by physiotherapist where she spent weeks there just because of the bills was so expensive.

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Jackeline can manage to crawl on her belly almost across the community where she finds herself in. If not because of her disability, she could have become a very great tourist because there is a great adventure in her to explore and discover new places in the world according to her mother.

Many people love Jackeline in her village because anytime she goes outside and it is dark and too late for her to crawl back home, they escort her and make sure that she gets home safely.

But in every disadvantage, there is an advantage as well, Some of the people in her village sometimes bully her and calls her all sort of names, some refers to her as snake, reptile and many more teasing names.

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Anyone who newly sees her thinks that she is a new creature as soon as that person sees her, he/she thinks that she is a cold-blooded animal because her body is always cold. This really breaks the heart of her mother.

One major challenge that Jackeline’s mother is facing is washing her clothes where she is always washing her clothes because she does not stand nor sit, she is always crawling on the floor. Whiles, she is washing one, Jackeline will be making the other dirty.

Jackeline’s life is very painful because of her condition. Though the cause of her condition has not been clarified yet there is a great hope that she could get well even after more than 20 years of crawling.

Take a look at the video below:

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