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(Video) They Fell Into Fire Differently But Fell In Love Together, People Call Them The Worse Lovers In The World (Watch Their Sad Story)

Love is a strong affection to/for someone, love is beautiful, love is great and love is unforgettable only when it is true and it comes from the heart.

The existence of love is always showing in the midst and faces of two birds who have fallen.

Today, I’m here to share with you two beautiful couples who always win the attention of everyone anytime that they are seen on street and in their neighborhood as a whole.

These two lovers were all burnt by fire which made them disabled and it led to rejections and stigmatization for both of them.

These two lovers go by the name, Joseph and Helen. Before this couple met, they had their burn already and did not know each other as well.

Because of the burn that Joseph had, his face has turned so ugly to the extent that any lady would reject him, as he confirmed, he has approached so many ladies but all have turned him down. But Janet said to herself that this is her last stop and he is the one that she wants irrespective of his situation.

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They were born like any other human being but the unfortunate happened to them. As they share their story, Janet said that she did not manage to live with her parent because they were killed and she had to work on the street to survive. 

She is one person who finds it very difficult to speak so people say that she is suffering from trauma as a result of her parent’s death because she easily loses concentration whenever she is talking and she was also suffering from epilepsy at the same time as well.

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As she was living on the street, a certain poor lady whose husband was murdered alongside Janet’s parents found her, and she decided to take care of her as her own daughter, she took her to school and everything was fine. One day, Janet came back from school very hungry and she decided to cook something to eat but as the food was on fire, her epilepsy popped up and she fell into the fire.

She thought her life has come to an end because no man will prefer to be with her because of how her face looked like. Her eyes were burnt alongside her face. She was rescued by a passer-by.

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With the life of Joseph, he fell into a fire and was later taken to the hospital, he returned back home and realized that no normal lady will choose him as his partner. 

Joseph faced a very challenging life because there was great poverty in his home.

The two, later on, met together after all the struggle they have been through, it was a dream come through for them and life started going on well for them.

Their love was so beautiful but people started calling them all sorts of names, some refer to them as ‘the worse couple in the world’.

They are always happy with each other and life seems to be blessed for them now because they really accept each other very well.

Let us watch the video below;

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