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(Video) This Girl Was Born With 4 Fingers And 4 Toes, Her Sad Story Will Make You Cry, Watch

Life is sometimes difficult to explain when we meet or see the worst part of it. As usual, life comes with advantages and disadvantages, there are some people elsewhere in this world who were born differently because of the unique features and characteristics they brought to this planet.

Today, we talk about a story of a little girl who was born with 4 fingers and toes instead of the normal 5.

This is Davota and she is 10 years of age, one may not believe her age because of her disability, she, therefore, looks like a baby.

She was born as normal as any other human being but because of the features she brought to this planet, everyone in her village was left shocked as she possessed 4 fingers and toes instead of 5.

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Davota’s family state of living is very painful because the level of poverty they have reached is too much, her father is a disabled man so he, therefore, sits on the roadside begging for money in other to get his daily bread.

According to Davota’s mother, she met her husband 12 years ago which she was always looking for, they got married and decided to have a child as last. She, later on, got pregnant ad there was happiness everywhere thinking that she was going to deliver a normal baby.

It was time for labor and she went to the hospital to deliver, she successfully delivered, and there came a baby with a very big head which they thought was a cause of a disease known as hydrocephalus which interprets as a condition where babies with fluid inside their head and become big.

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The husband heard of this and quickly ran to the hospital very sad and disappointed after seeing the baby. This really left him confused because never had this happened in their family before.

The child started growing and it was a whole new story as well because instead of his body growing big, the head was rather growing big. She had very hard toes and fingers which made her very scary enough for other children to mingle with her.

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Her head kept on growing and the suggestion which seemed to be the cause of her problem was all wrong and doctors could not figure out exactly what was wrong with her. She was born with four fingers and toes which her mother does not feel comfortable with at all but manages to cope with it.

As per her mother, It seems like Davota may be suffering from a mental disorder as well because she sometimes does things that are not normal at all.

This is a very sad story about this girl and we believe that something can be done about it.

Take a look at the video below;

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