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(Video) This Is Not A 5 Month Old Baby, He Is 20 Years Of Age, Watch His Sad Story

Life is unpredictable and all destinies are in the hands of the One Who created mankind. One may ask why other people were born so different as compared to others, people came to this world happily but their happiness did not last as expected, things started changing in such a way that they did not like at all. 

Today, we look at a 20-year-old man called Andre who is a grandson-son of madam Rose, the condition that Andre finds herself in is something different which has really made him disabled, due to his problem, his body looks like a baby who was born just 5 months ago.


Andre has been so dangerous to the extent that he bites and chews anything that he sees including people’s fingers. He refuses to talk, eat nor walk as well. People have been doubting the fact that he is 20 years of age until his teeth are shown, his teeth look so dangerous and big in size.

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He was adopted by her grandmother after she realized that they cannot take care of him, normally as we all know, he was born like any other person very handsome but strangely, he did not cry like any other baby cries on the first day he/she is born. This really worried the doctors so they decided to take him for a check-up because of how he was reacting as a newborn baby, his eyes were opened looking at them, he was not making any sound at all, this became very strange to them and they could not figure out what exactly was wrong with him at that moment.


He was kept in the hospital for more than weeks because he could not eat so the doctors had to insert a tube into her nostrils in other for him to be able to take in some milk, things started getting worse and frustrating because of his condition and they were taking too long over there.

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It got to a time where the child started gaining weight at the hospital through the medical instrument and other facilities provided by the doctors. But the family’s bills were becoming too much so the hospital ordered them to take their child back which was another whole new problem because how the child was going to eat was all that mattered.


So surprisingly, the baby started crying and everyone was shocked, they decided to breastfeed him and it was successful, this brought a little joy to the family at the hospital and they took the child back home happily.

Andre was having another sibling there who was also disabled so this prompted his grandmother to go for him in other to take care of him so that her mother could get some space. 

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She took Andre home and it was a whole new long story in her life, her body started changing, his feet starting becoming unfoldable like a tree and his teeth started growing so big and sharp to the extent that he bites anything that he sees to break it including human hands, this became very weird to her and the worse thing about it was when she tried to carry her at her back and he will bite her leaving wounds at her back.


She has been suffering and is tired to see her grandson go through all these sorts of mess so she tried to take her to the hospital which she has been doing always and she is pleading to have a wheelchair that can aid her in taking the 20-year-old grandson.

Let us watch the video below; 

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