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A new generation of powerful visualization and rendering tools are helping professionals and dreamers alike push boundaries and turn their imaginations into valuable new products and experiences. Communities like CG Architect give industry experts a place to collectively explore the continuously evolving intersection of technology and creativity.

This includes sharing work and stories about how that work gets done to help members understand the possibilities of new technologies. AMD and CG Architect teamed up to talk with Baltimore’s VoxlVision about how Threadripper PRO helps them deliver the very best immersive media, digital illustration, and animation work to clients by elevating the contributions made by critical workstation investments.

Read the full article is here, but we’ll share some highlights.

Build a better imagination machine: Visualization workstations

For businesses like VoxlVision, the new standard in visualization computing requires an equally dramatic step forward in workstation performance across the business, but not every compute-intensive workload happens the same way. Rendering and reality-capturing software performance is dependent on large numbers of CPU cores. Design applications such as CAD and BIM benefit from high CPU clock speed, which has traditionally suffered as more cores were added.

Performance beyond compromise: AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO

This computational tradeoff has made buying for workstation workloads harder than it had to be, with IT departments forced to optimize for either high core count or faster clock speed. For large and growing organizations, this makes it almost impossible to standardize on a single workstation configuration that can efficiently address different professional application bottlenecks.

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But AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO processors are built to eliminate exactly these kinds of difficult choices, delivering compute-intensive performance that’s driven by an unprecedented combination of more cores plus high clock speed. The result is superior application speed, driven by full-spectrum performance that can address whatever task is at hand, helping all kinds of design and visualization workloads move faster.

 The right tool for the job

No matter what kinds of visualization workloads you’re supporting, there’s a Ryzen Threadripper PRO processor that’s ready to help you power what comes next. This includes the 3945WX, the first twelve-core workstation with a base clock speed up to 4.0GHz; and the 3995WX, the first processor to offer 64 cores in a single CPU.

picture1amd AMD

Better engineering means bigger leaps forward

While the AMD Threadripper platform has been a trusted favorite of industry professionals and enthusiasts since its debut in 2017, the updated Threadripper PRO processor generation delivers significant performance gains built on fundamental design innovations across the CPU and beyond:

  • As the first workstation-class CPUs built on the 7nm manufacturing process, Threadripper PRO doubles the total transistor density of the previous architecture.
  • Rather than crowding more cores onto a single CPU die, Threadripper PRO cores are managed as multi-core chiplets that enable greater responsiveness and power efficiency.
  • Beyond the CPU, there is support for ultrafast PCI Express 4.0 connectivity with critical components including storage and additional GPUs.

ThreadRipper PRO gives organizations and IT the ability to precisely match specific workload requirements with specially optimized workstation performance.

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The performance choice for serious visualization leaders

The emerging hybrid normal means businesses are building out innovative new solutions to keep their architects, designers, artists, and other visualization specialists reliably connected, productive, and secure. More and more design and engineering leaders like Baltimore’s VoxlVision are choosing AMD as the platform on which they imagine, and build, their future. As their workloads grow in both volume and variety, the right technology can help businesses stay competitive and rapidly respond to the compute requirements of emerging visualization trends.

picture2amd AMD

Build virtualized capabilities with confidence

Virtualization has always been an efficient way to share computing resources, although CPU-intensive workloads like visualization have traditionally been left off the list. But performance advances like those made possible by AMD Threadripper PRO are helping some visualization shops virtualize workstation needs, reducing the cost of creativity and collaboration, with a single virtualized machine replacing five or six physical workstations. 

For studios like VoxlVision, and others, AMD helps them accomplish more with less, optimizing resources for both maximum performance and high utilization. “For a studio like ours, scalability is key,” says VoxlVision founder Ted Vitale. “The beauty of high core counts is that I don’t need to buy lots and lots of computers. A single Threadripper PRO processor can eliminate the need for five or six [physical machines].”

“The best I’ve ever seen.”

Workstation selection must be dictated by a clear and consistent measurement of CPU performance against very specific workload tasks and constraints, making visualization-focused metrics absolutely critical. When Chaos Group, creators of the popular V-Ray rendering benchmark, evaluated the new Threadripper PRO performance, Director Chris Nichols was blown away by its improvements over both the previous AMD generation and the competition.

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“The rendering power of the AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX is the best I’ve ever seen,” Nichols said, after testing the CPU using Chaos Group’s own V-Ray benchmark.

Getting (and staying) one step ahead

Even as technology transforms tools and methodologies, the core goal of visualization work remains unchanged: bringing new ideas to life. The ability to dream bigger and create faster empowers visualization leaders like the artists and experts at VoxlVision to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, helping their businesses more quickly and effectively deliver the better products and experiences customers expect.

The new AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO portfolio is designed to help visualization teams do their best work, regardless of time or task. Whether it’s robust multicore rendering or an ultrafast single-threaded design workload, AMD helps businesses maximize returns not just on technology, but on the incredible visualization talent it enables, as well.

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1Source: “Why AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO Processors continue to rewrite the rules of visualization,” Jeff Mottle, CGarchitect; August 5, 2021.

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