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Wahala – ‘Cheating Wife’ Is Exposed At Husband’s Funeral [Video]

Cheating Wife
Cheating Wife

A viral video online has captured moments a widow engaged her sister-in-law in a brawl at a funeral for exposing her.

While reading her tribute, a woman, believed to be the dead man’s sister, decided to spill it all out about her late brother’s marriage.

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To the shock of the mourners, she lamented how the deceased remained unhappy throughout his marriage.

She angrily said the widow was bringing a man home, which killed the man’s spirit.

All of these happened after the widow mounted the podium to give a touching tribute about her late husband, describing him as a wonderful man who she will forever remain grateful to.

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The wife, who could not stand the ‘moment of truth’ upon sensing danger, stormed the podium to attack her, yet the former wouldn’t stop blowing things off her chest.

The video of the parties, believed to be South Africans, has got many talking.

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Watch the video below:

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