Was Paddy Mccourt Arrested? On Rape Assault Check Charges and Reports



Paddy Mccourt, a former football player of Northern Ireland, has been arrested. Scottish Sun Sport took to Twitter to share the news. However, they did not reveal the identity of the player and shared a post where they wrote that a popular ex-footballer was charged with sexual assault after a night out in an Irish pub. Sources claim that Paddy assaulted a neighbourhood lady who seemed to be in her 20s and even attacked her. The lady had no idea about the player’s notoriety. Now, it is coming forward that the footballer was accounted for to be captured from Derry’s bar.

Paddy Mccourt

As per reports, the cops are investigating the CCTV footage or the bar where the incident took place. The 38-year-old ex-footballer was having a night out and mingling when he went on to attack the young lady. Although the woman’s identity has not been revealed yet. Some sources are claiming that she is in her 20s while others claim that she is in her 30s. As the police began their investigation, it come to the knowledge that the unidentified woman had no clue about the footballer and his acclaim.

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After getting the information about the incident which included Paddy Mccourt assaulting and attacking the young woman, the cops arrested the player in the Derry/ Londonderry area. The officials have shared that Paddy will be produced before Londonderry Magistrates Court on February 23, 2022. Even though the ex-footballer has become the subject of discussion on social media and is being talked about, no statement has been made by him yet.

It is quite surprising that Paddy has not stated anything about the matter and is refraining from saying anything as well. He was also approached by Irish Son but he did not respond either. The dazzling player has played several matches for a string of clubs across the UK and Ireland. It is saddening that he has gotten involved in such kind of thing which can damage his reputation and the respect he earned hard.

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As the news came out, Paddy’s fans and his supporters have gotten shocked as out of everything they did not have imagined the player doing such things. According to Northern Ireland law, if a person intentionally touches another person without their consent, they will have to face ten years imprisonment. Paddy is most popular for playing with Celtic FC, the Scottish goliaths. Currently, Mccourt is imprisoned at Derry.



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