“Watch Out For the New Me” Moesha Boduong To Ghanaians

Watch out for me, you’re going to be blown away. These are the words of socialite Moesha Boduong as she announces her comeback in a new recording.

The actress, who has been on a hiatus since she suffered a mental breakdown in 2021, has stated that by December she would claim her title as the wealthiest socialite in Ghana.

According to her, she is working tirelessly to shame every person who is not happy for her and those that wish ill on her to lose everything she has worked hard for.

“To those who have secretly wished for me to fail and to lose everything, those who don’t want me to be the best version of myself, God has changed my story. Watch out for the new me,” she said in a latest audio.
Moesha further remarked she is going to make every girl in every part of the world jealous as she works towards taking back her queenship.
She pleaded with fans to be patient with her, adding that she would be bringing in a new performance this Chriatmas that will leave her fans blown away.

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