We Want To See Politicians Who Mishandle State Funds In Jail


Actor Prince David Osei has charged the special prosecutor to jail politicians who mishandle state funds since the IGP has been able to jail pastors and artists to show no one is above the law.

Prince David Osei speaking about equal justice for all has called on the special prosecutor to add up to his game to make sure some politicians who have mishandled state funds are seen in jail now that the prison gate has been opened wide.

According to him, now the prison gate has been opened wide by the IGP and in as much as we have seen pastors and artists pass through the jail, we want to see politicians who mishandle state funds to also smell the coco that these artists and pastors smelled.

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Prince David Osei then added that the special prosecutor is doing well but he needs to expedite the process of prosecution by jailing politicians who mishandle state funds then and then we will all agree to the fact that no one is above the law and we are all equal before the laws of Ghana.

Politicians are hardly jailed here in Ghana and now that Prince David Osei and some others are calling the special prosecutor to be the first to set the record by jailing a politician who mishandled state funds, we hope he is able to do that.

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