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Wedding anniversary: 6 ways couples can celebrate this milestone

Choosing the best way to celebrate your wedding anniversary can be a confusing task, as the options are many.

For the celebration, it is up to the couple what is the best way to do it. Some prefer something simpler and more intimate, and others may prefer something more sophisticated. The wedding celebration should mainly follow the will and style of the couple and it is of paramount importance that the celebration makes the couple comfortable.

Here are some of the ways that you and your partner can celebrate this special day:

This item is very comprehensive and can please all couples. The difference lies in the destination, which must be suitable for both of you.

For adventurous couples, it is possible to choose exotic destinations that allow activities such as hiking, climbing, and whatever else

It is, however, important to plan in advance so that everything goes as planned. If you want to surprise your loved one, make sure that the days of the trip are free in their schedule and that the destination meets your wishes.

If you are a couple of movie buff, it is worth making a list of movies you want to see (or review) and celebrating the date by watching them all. For this item, you can also include a basket with various snacks to eat during the movie session.

This item is for sure at the top of the wedding celebration activities. The dinner can be in some simple or fancy restaurant, but mainly one that will please you both.

Although it is a common activity, it can also have a touch of creativity. You can surprise your loved one with a dinner that you make with her favourite dish.

Receiving something that has been wanted for a long time will make your loved one very happy for two reasons: for receiving the desired item as a gift, and for realizing that you took the care to find out what they wanted so much. Another option is to make a creative kit with personalized gifts that remember moments of your life. Photos, playlists with songs that remind you of the couple’s moments, that movie you both like so much on DVD, and whatever else is special for both of you.

Just because you can’t jet off to a jet-set destination doesn’t mean a night away from home is out of the question. Consider staying at a local hotel or inn—you can even act like a tourist for the night. Try dining in a restaurant you’ve never been to.

If your love has a sexual fantasy that you have never fulfilled, the wedding celebration may be the time to make it happen. The same is true if the fantasy is yours and you feel the time is appropriate to fulfil it. Just make sure that it is something that both of you want, and that both you and your loved one consent to it.

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