‘We’re Stars, Not Rich People’ – KiDi Shames Celebs Flaunting Fake Lives on the Gram


Gyal dem Sugar! KiDi has rejected the pressure people put on celebrities to live a certain lifestyle by stating clearly that he’s not a rich person.

Finally – we have a Ghanaian celebrity making a sensible comment regarding the lifestyle they live!

Ghanaian celebrities have taken it upon themselves that they have to live a certain ‘class’ of life to prove they are a celebrity. Hence they are always faking riches and properties on the gram and they always get caught and embarrassed but they don’t really care.

They often try and claim the pressure is from the public to portray a certain lifestyle as a celeb but that is just false!

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They are just attention seekers who love it when people think they are super rich and successful.

According to KiDi, he knows he’s a star but he’s not rich so no one should expect him to live a certain rich lifestyle!

KiDi wrote: “One day, I’ll be rich. But right now I’m not so don’t be expecting some kind of rich and flashy lifestyle from me because I be star, I beg. I live within my means. Dead the expectations,”

Simple and easy! Did anyone kill him?

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When you hear stars claiming being a celebrity is expensive, point them to this.

No one made it expensive, they have given themselves an unearned status and try to live up to it!

Live within your means and no one will kill you.

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Also, don’t lie to the people you’re rich and own properties then expect to be given money after losing just one of your numerous properties!

The culprits know themselves.

Check out KiDi’s post below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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