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Western countries prefer Ghanaian nurses and midwives – UPNMG President

Mr. Yeboah explained that the high level of professionalism exhibited by Ghanaian nurses / midwives explains why countries in Europe have placed priority on them.

Further explaining why countries in Europe prefer Ghanaian nurses / midwives, Mr. Yeboah indicated that cheap labor was not a factor.

“It’s [the exodus of nurses] got nothing to do cheap labor. Ghanaian nurses are hardworking and very professional,” Mr. Yeboah said.

“If you visit our wards, the sort of professionalism you see from trained nurses is exceptional so when they travel abroad, the kind of services they put up are superb.”

“Even if you go online, most of the times when they are giving criteria for selection, they say they want West African nurses, specifically, Ghanaian nurses.”

“It means we are doing something exceptional.”

Explaining why Ghanaian nurses appear not to have much love back home, Mr. Yeboah indicated that inadequate resources and the lack of better conditions of service are the major factors preventing some nurses from giving off their best.

However, Mr. Yeboah stressed that despite the inconveniences, most Ghanaian nurses / midwives often strive to give off their best.

To improve upon the level of professionalism of Ghanaian nurses and midwives, Mr. Yeboah indicated that the UPNMG provides:

· Continuing Professional Development (CPD),

· Loans to their members who wish to further their education.

Mr. Yeboah further explained that the UPNMG only seeks to better the conditions of service / welfare of Ghanaian nurses and midwives and that the group is not in any kind of competition with the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA).

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