Who is Julia Oston? Complete Twitter Viral Video Scandal Explained Check Age & Images


These days, social media is remaining the subject of discussion ever since the viral incidents occupy the platform because hardly a day passed without having a viral video incident. Something similar is newly reported again with Julia Oston whose video is setting fire on Twitter and spreading like a wildfire, even uncounted users have streamed the viral video as well. Therefore, everyone is keen to get the comprehensive details behind the scene and about the face which is appearing in the video, because whenever something comes into the limelight it brings curiosity to the users as well, so below you can get everything.

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Who is Julia Oston? Complete Twitter Viral Video Scandal Explained Check Age & Images


According to the sources, she gained massive popularity on social media when her video is watched by uncounted users, in which, she is appearing along with her two-colored eyes. Ever since users were acquainted with the video their curiosity went at its peak to get more pieces of information about her. Because Social media is such a platform where nothing takes much time to get viral and something similar happened with her content. which is remaining the hot topic, her video has hit more than millions of views, because her video caught the heat.

Who Is Julia Oston?

Julia Oston is a popular model and her stunning looks always attract her admirers who love to follow her on various social media platforms. But during her school days she was getting bullied due to her eye colors, because dual eye color grabbed the attention and this is the reason some students used to address her as an alien which sounds weird enough, but despite this, she considered it as a boon, and accepted it wholeheartedly. When she was just 16-years-old, she represented Talisay City in Lin-ay Sung Negros 20202, was crowned as well as the new Lin-ay Sang Minuluan.

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Hitherto, no statement or reaction has been made from her side even no further details have arrived as well, because she did not share enough details on her social media platform. So, therefore, we will take some time to fetch the information, and then we will update you, Because there is no proper information came regarding her personal stuff. As soon as her video caught the heat it set Twitter on fire because still, a few users are searching for her, so that, they can also make themselves familiar with the video.


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