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Who Was Bharti Sahani? Indian-Origin Student Died, Death Cause Explained, Bio & Images


Nowadays, Travis Scott is remaining the hot topic on social media ever since his concert became the witness of several unexpected demises. Ever he is getting trolled as well because at the time of tragedy he was kept of performing despite knowing, that chaos took place. Recently, a 22-years-old Indian-origin student named Bharti Sahani has expired to her brutal injuries sustained during the violent mass surge at the “Astroworld Festival” her family made a statement on Thursday. Everyone is paying tribute to her through social media, and praying for her close one so that, they can bear the pain of great loss.

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Who Was Bharti Sahani? Indian-Origin Student Died, Death Cause Explained, Bio & Images

According to the sources & reports, Bharati Sahani was going to get her graduate degree from Texas A&M University in the Spring. She has passed away on Wednesday night after battling lethal brain injuries due to the tragedy of 5th November 2021 and since then, Bharati Sahani was on a ventilator. More than 8 people have lost their lives between the ages of 14-27 while attending the concert Travis Scott, and many got brutally injured, still, the investigation is going on to find the exact truth behind the incident, hence, they are demanding for a strict investigation to find the main culprit behind the tragedy.

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It is being reported, that her family made a confirmation on Thursday that she is no more among us, the medical staff pronounced her dead during the treatment as her health complications were increasing, and took the worst face. They described herself as one f the kindest and amazing human beings but no one has imagined that she will leave the world in such a manner. Her sister shared a statement in which he said that ” She was everything to them, and they are going through a great shock to lose her because she was an integral part of them.

Texas A&M issued a statement officially offering their deepest condolence to Bharti’s family so that, their strength can remain ahead. Ever several social media users are expressing their deep feelings to her through Twitter, so that, her soul gets to rest in peace in Heaven. People who have attended the concert drew a mass of around 50,000 and circumstances became worst before the concert. We will also pray may her soul rest in peace and pray for the family also, so that, they can overcome soon, (RIP BHARTI).

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