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Why didn’t you prophesy about me when I wasn’t IGP? – Dampare asks Nigel Gaisie

“Honourable chair before I became IGP, nobody prophesied about me. Now I’m IGP and everybody is prophesying about me. I have no problem with it because I’m a public figure but why should it be such that you find something or God has revealed something to you and you want to share it with me, then you’ve to make it a show mansion? And tell the whole country that I’m about to die, which I’m not afraid of,” Dr Dampare told PAC.

He pontificated that he is not scared of dying because it is inevitable, but people who call themselves prophets should not be allowed to go public with fear-mongering.

“As for death, the only thing I can do is to become a friend of it so that it can treat me with some leniency.

“We are not against prophecies, go ahead and prophecy but when God speaks to you carry it in a manner that will ensure the sanctity of our nation, Ghana,” he reiterated.

While addressing his congregants on 31st-night church service last year, Nigel Gaisie said he was in the spiritual realms that the IGP’s boots were been taken off, which meant the police boss was going to be sacked.

“The Lord took my spirit to the Republic of Y3mpe Nokware, and I saw that there was a change in IGP. In the realms of the spirit, I saw the IGP and his boots were taken off,” he disclosed.

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