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Why Pen Caps Have Holes On Top – Leaky News

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The usage of pen has been in existence for many years, however majority of users are ignorant of why the cap of a pen has hole on top.

Well www.leakynews.net has the answer for you.

Very young children have a bad tendency to put things in their mouths when they are not suppose to.

The newspaper The Independent reported in 2016, that 100 people die in the US each year from choking on pen lids.

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This number used to be very high and the reason it is not as high today is probably because of the fact that pen company Bic created a large hole at the top of the lid.

What it means is that, even if the lid is accidentally swallowed, there is a bigger chance people can still breathe.

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Other pen companies saw that this was a good idea, so they added a hole to their lids, too.

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