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‘Why Would You Do Bring Telenovelas & Translate To Show To Ghanaians When You Can Make One Here?’

The media personality made this known in a recent submission he made when he appeared on the popular Ghanaian radio station, Hitz FM.

In his submission, he said;

“Why would you do bring telenevolas from Venezuela and translate and show it to the Ghanaian when you can pay a Ghanaian filmmaker to produce movies?

The blame game will continue even after our deaths. If government should fix the system now, the system will be destroyed again because the Ghanaian hasn’t fixed themselves.

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Why would you pay the Venezuelan $10,000 for a movie, translate and show to Ghanaians, and pay GHS 300 to a Ghanaian filmmaker? We have mental problem.

TV stations are opportunists. They are taking advantage of the filmmakers.”

This comes after he made an earlier submission about the #FixTheCountry campaign.

In his submission, he said;

“They say Ghanaians are not law abiding. Are we the same Ghanaians who travel outside the country to go and be law abiding there? If the right laws and policies are laid, the laws will be abided by.

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People should stop politicizing the #FixTheCountryGhana campaign — and politicians should stop defending their parties. In fact, no one should bring any document. We do not want to see any document.

The people who are saying the #FixTheCountryGhana, I monitored them to see whether they had a political agenda. I wouldn’t have commented if it were fueled by politics.

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How many times haven’t we talked about rent in this country? Imagine a tomato seller, who is also a voter, who also needs a shop to rent, how would she be able to do that if the rent system is killing us?

Education is acquired but wisdom is God-given. We are only asking for basic amenities. Those who are saying we should fix our minds, listen, we are not stupid.”

Source: www.ghgossip.com

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