Wife Invites Husband’s Side Chic To The House And Beats Her Up (Watch Video)

Wife Invites Husband’s Side Chic To The House And Beats Her Up
Wife Invites Husband’s Side Chic To The House And Beats Her Up

Just as adultery is not permitted in relationships, the same thing applies to marriages.

Here, the husband or wife does not wish his or her spouse to have extramarital affairs as this can lead to the end of the marriage. Some get caught in the act while others get away with it.

An angry wife has just taught her husband’s mistress the lesson of her life. She did not just set the woman up at home, she was also filmed whipping her.

According to information, the wife has been suspecting her husband of seeing another woman in his life but got assurance after he forgot his phone at home.

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The wife grabbed the opportunity to send a text message to her husband’s mistress. She faked being her husband as she requested the lady to come so they could get down.

“My foolish wife is not home, come over and let’s make some sweet love,” the luring text read. The mistress who thought her lover cannot wait to see her got to the house as soon as she could only to be in a hot mess.

In the video, the wife could be seen beating the mistress with a belt while another lady was behind the camera.

Watch the video below:

It is not known exactly where the incident happened but it has become quite popular on social media since it popped up.

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The video comes just days after one of a man who caught his girlfriend accepting another man’s marriage proposal.

In that video which also went viral, a young man is seen proposing to a lady in the full glare of the public and she said yes.

Unknown to the guy, his sweetheart had another boyfriend who was probably the main boyfriend. To his surprise, the main boyfriend stormed the place where the proposal was happening to create a scene.



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