Woman Falls And Somersaults After Stepping On Escalator (Watch Video)

Woman falls and somersaults after stepping on escalator

A woman was captured on camera somersaulting after stepping on an escalator at a mall and many have reacted to the development.

The woman was at a mall and tried using the escαlator to ascend, but she fell and somersaulted as soon as she stepped her feet on it.

A woman standing behind her who was also trying to make use of the escαlator quickly came to her rescue.

A man in yellow overall also ran towards the duo to ensure the falling woman was fine.

The video was shared on Instagram by Yawpsarena.com and social media users soon flooded the comment section of the post to share their thoughts on it.

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Many took to the comment section with laughing emojis as some prayed for forgiveness over their laughter.

Watch the video below :



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