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Woman shockingly reveals what she discovered on her husband’s phone


A married woman has taken to social media to seek advice after she discovered some weird videos of two teenage girls on her husband’s phone.

According to the woman, they have been married for 19 years and all these years she had access to her husband’s phone, laptop and even the pin to his ATM cards.

She said, her husband has changed totally and he has changed the password on his phone and also his laptop. She further said that she was shocked to her bone after discovering some s.ex videos of two 16-year-old girls on his phone when she was using his phone’s torchlight.

The woman explained that before the discovery of the s.ex videos on his husband’s phone, a 16-year-old girl in their neighbourhood had once told her that her husband has been taking her and also her 16-year-old daughter to a hotel to have s.ex with them.

Read the lady’s post below:


Hanty Manokekame good evening. Please I need your good audience to help me with something.

My husband and I have been married for almost 19 years
I’m 45 and he’s 47. Both our kids are in SHS. Our marriage has been a good one and I must say he never made me regret my decision to marry him as he’s been very good to me and the kids. He was always open with me and I could access his phone, laptop, ATM anytime but of late he’s changed completely.

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For the past 2 months he’s been locking his phone, changed his passwords and refused to give them to me. My boy was able to get his password but my husband changed it again. He started receiving certain calls in the washroom or will make a call in the car when he gets home and won’t come inside until he’s done. I asked him and he told me he’s not up to anything but just wants to silently solve something. He’ll tell me later. I did everything for him to tell me but he refused and communication between us became bad to worse.

I was on my way home last week when a young lady called me, she’s someone I’ve known since we moved to this area 5 years ago. She lives with her grandmother and is now 16 years. My boy who is 17 told me last year he has a crush on her but I told him to be only friends and wait till they’re both old enough before they attempt anything. Fast forward, I haven’t been seeing them chatting of late but didn’t say anything.

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I went to her and she said she’s very shy of me and doesn’t know what to tell me. She begged me not to harm her because of what she was about to say. Then she said my son proposed to her but the reason she didn’t give in was because she’s going out with my daughter! Abena my daughter is 15, this girl is 16! What destroyed my whole mood was when she said my husband knows it and takes them to hotels to watch them do it.

Hanty I told her she’s a liar who wants to destroy my marriage and insulted her. Took her to her grandmother to warn her to never call me again. I went home and waited for my husband to come home and I confronted him, he said he’s done nothing of that sort and it’s against his principles. I called my daughter to come home and she said she’s not and will never be what the girl was saying. Hmm
I decided to believe them because my daughter never did anything to make me suspect anything of that sort

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Abena just this morning, we’ve had meter problems for 3 days and we went to ECG to get someone to come and check it for me. My husband gave me his phone to use as a flashlight and I went through his messages and saw nasty videos between him and the 16 years girl.

I checked the photos and saw sex videos of the 16 years girl and another girl but not my daughter. Abena I trusted him when he said he didn’t do it. I trusted him with all my heart. I don’t think I want to ask him questions because I gave him the phone and he saw it. He didn’t say anything and left home. I don’t want to talk to the girl though I want to find out why she accused my daughter of something she’s never done but Abena after 19 years of marriage is this the man I married? 16 years girls? I’m heartbroken and need advice”


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