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Woman’s earlobe infected after unusual s3xual encounter [Photo]


A panicked woman took to Facebook to ask for advice as her ear became infected after an unusual sexual encounter with her boyfriend.

The woman posted in the Facebook group ‘B*tch Diaries’ asking for advice from other women as she claims her boyfriend put his penis through the hole where she has been stretching her earlobes.

She wrote: “Me and my boyfriend were getting at it and he tried putting his penis through my stretched ear and this is the outcome?

“What can I tell the hospital happened? Or is there anything I can do to treat this at home?”

She shared before and after pictures of the stretched hole to show the difference. The after picture shows her ear looking a bit yellow and infected.

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The post quickly went viral with thousands sharing it on Facebook.

People commented, with some advising the woman and others expressing shock.


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