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Write For Us-Submit A Guest Post/News On Browngh.com


Write For Us-Submit A Guest Post/News On Browngh.com

Are you a writer, a reader with good writing skills or a blogger and wondering how your article/story can be published on Browngh.com?

This article will stipulate the simple ways your articles can be published on this site.

We are always looking for new writers/bloggers/authors to contribute guest posts to Browngh.com.

You can send your articles to browngh.com via email: editor@browngh.com. OR

You can also go to categories on the website and click on ‘Submit Article‘; follow the requirements and send your articles to us the easy way.

But before you submit your article/post, please  consider the following requirements:

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1. The ideal length for a post on browngh.com should be between 100 and 3000 words but we can make exceptions depending on the content.

2. If you are not familiar with browngh.com and our profile, please read through some of our recent content to get a sense of the kind of writing we publish. We are interested in all kinds of stories except adult content/pornographic content.

3. We will not publish articles that are self-promotional -to publish a post explicitly about your company or product, please consider the Sponsored Post option in Advertise tab.

3. Articles must be original work of the author. If there are relevant links to be included in a piece please include them.

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4. Please include the source of the article/Author’s name so we credit the author/site accordingly when Articles are published on browngh.com.

You can use the form below to send your articles to us right now:



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