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Your ‘Hallelujah’ over the Cedi appreciation is ‘useless’ – DKB tells Prince David Osei

A few weeks ago, the dollar was initially selling at GHC14.000. Taunting this as a good sign that Ghanaian economy is getting back on track, the actor took to Twitter to express excitement over the development.

Hallelujah the Cedi is appreciating remarkably. 9.56ghc to a 1$. The economy is gradually getting back on track!! Now we need to see the effect in our daily lives, goods and services.. God bless ????????,” the actor tweeted.

However, DKB argues that the development isn’t worth celebrating since it hasn’t affected prices of goods and services are still stagnant.

A reducing exchange rate with no correlating reduction on food prices and fuel prices is useless,” DKB said as a reply to the actor’s post and that graduated into an exchange between Prince David Osei and DKB.

So would you have preferred the cedi went up to 20ghc per $ before the end of the year? We know we have issues as a country but let’s be hopeful for the small changes we seeing?” Prince David Osei told DKB and it did not end there.

DKB in his response jabbed Prince David Osei for still been bias towards to NPP government.

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